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How can I test the POST manage/updateverify API method with V-Series v5.1?

Please Note: The FAQ post relates to V-Series v5.1 On-Premises ONLY.

If you’re looking to test the POST manage/updateverify method (page 8, v5.1 API Guide), we suggest using the POSTMAN client for Google Chrome.

It can be installed using the following link:

 For example … (you’ll need to include your own server name / port number if different from this i.e. 56002 versus 56001)


As a reminder, POST manage/updateverify requests that the V-Series application updates its reference data used to support the UK Validation module.

The response Information is ‘200 OK’ if the update could be started.

You can then check the date / timestamp of the UKBank.xml file check that the update as been completed i.e.

Before the update:


After the update:


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