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Can the V-Series API be referenced as a set of DLLs in a software project, specifically VB6?

Yes, access to V-Series validation can be done via a .NET API simply by using the V-Series DLL and incorporating this into their VB project.

Installation instructions and examples of API use are included in the V-Series Windows help file (refer to the Verifiers>UK Bank Account Validation section of the help file for C# and VB examples).

Please contact your Account Manager if you haven’t been supplied with the Help file (compiled HTML / CHM).

If a decision is made to use the RESTful API instead, again - examples can be found in the help file (under Getting Started>RESTful API development)

PLEASE NOTE: .NET API usage requires use of a V-Series licence which should have been provided to you already. If not, please contact your Account Manager.

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