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Can I have an example of the GET api/validateibanadvanced method (VALIDATEIBANADVANCED)?

The apikey shown in this example should be replaced by the license number supplied by Bottomline.

The response you get back (for this request) would be:



InputIban: "FO6264600001631634",

AdditionalValidationInfo: false,

AdditionalValidationInfoText: null,

OutputCountryCode: "FO",

OutputCountryName: "Faroe Islands",

OutputIban: "FO6264600001631634",

OutputBban: "64600001631634",

OutputAccountNumber: "0001631634",

BankBranch: {

BranchTitle: "",

BranchCode: "6460",

RoutingNumber: "6460",

InstitutionTitle: "BankNordik P/F",

BranchAddress: "Husagota 3, FO-110 Torshavn FO",


OverridingProcessingBank: "",

OverridingSwiftBic: ""


InvalidIssue: 0,

Valid: true,

InvalidReason: "",

InvalidParameter: ""



Regarding testing the API and reviewing the JSON response information, please see related article: When testing the numerous V-Series API calls, what browser should we use?

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