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How can I reduce the size of my Apache Logs?

This is only applicable if you are running Apache web service and not the IIS service on your setup.

Due to large number of documents processed on your system, Apache records a large number of events
in its log file. The Apache service is used in your system for any web functions.

In order to reset the file log size, the Transform Web Service needs to be stopped briefly, the Apache log file than needs to be renamed and the service restarted.

If this is on a Production server – you will need some downtime. Stop the Transform Web service and Locate the folder where the apache logs are saved to – the installation folder of Transform, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bottomline Technologies\Transform FoundationServer\Apache2.2\logs

Rename the access.log file to access.log.old (or something similar) and Start the Transform Web service - A new access.log file will be created

You will find your system is more responsive for web applications after this.

There is currently no automatic way of housekeeping this file – but we would recommend setting up a scheduled task, using a netstop {service}, rename file and netstart {service} if this becomes a problem more often.

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