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What reports come standard with Transform AP for SharePoint?

Transform AP includes five (5) standard SSRS reports, which provide increased visibility into the invoice process. Customers with SSRS knowledge are free to build additional reports if needed. Or alternatively Bottomline’s PrecisionForms product allows for faster report generation with a non-technical graphics interface.

The standard reports include:

- Accrual:
Invoice coding details by a status of “in progress” or “AX Uploaded” including the company, ledger, dimensions, and amount.

- Approver Productivity:
Average time to approve invoices by approver.

- Invoice Counts by Month:
Count of total invoices processed per month over a time period.

- Invoices by Workflow:
Step Count of invoices at each workflow step as well as the duration they have been in that step with vendor and invoice information.

- Outstanding Invoices:
List of outstanding invoices with a colour coded indicator (red, yellow, green) based on the impending due dates.

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