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How do I manually install CA Certificates?

To manually install install the CA root certificates, please follow the instructions below;

1. Go to 'Start' > 'Gemalto' > 'Classic Client' > 'Classic Client Toolbox'.

2. Within the 'Classic Client Toolbox' click 'Certificates' (a) > Enter PIN code in the top right and click 'Login' (b) > Select 'Identrus Root CA Cert' at the bottom (c) > Click 'Show details' (d).


3. Click 'Install certificate...'


4. Click 'Next' on the first wizard screen.

5. Select 'Place all certificates in the following store' (a) > Click 'Browse' (b) > Check box 'Show physical stores' (c) > Expand 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' (d) > Click 'Local Computer' (e) and then click 'OK'


Please Note: If you are unable to see local computer as an option, it will be because you have insufficient rights to the machine to install these certificates. To correct this you will have to log into the machine as an administrator or run the application as an administrator and repeat the above steps. If you are unsure if you have the rights or how to do this please speak with your IT administrator who will be able to assist.

6. Click 'Finish' once these steps are complete.

7. Please repeat the previous steps for 'Identity CA Cert'.

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