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How do I check my smart card is setup correctly?

If you ever have any issues across any of our Bacs software that prevent you from submitting to Bacs, errors such as “Unable to connect to Bacs”, “T800”, “T700”, "1039" etc, or any other errors that looks like could be an issue with the card (whether it is an old or a new smart card), this is most likely to be with the card itself. To make sure the card is active and has been setup by your bank correctly and to make sure nobody has made any changes to the card, run through the following on the Bacs Payment Services website as follows:

1. Browse to in Internet Explorer (If you are unable to access this website speak with your IT team to get access)

2. An eSigner box should appear asking you to click sign and then enter pin. (If you have any errors with the digital certificate you will need to speak to the sponsoring bank who issued the card)

3. Once logged in check the card permissions by browsing to My Details on the left hand side and scrolling down to where it says Bacs 3 day licence Privileges.

4. Under Bacs 3 day licence privileges, check that you have the correct permissions. If you are sending the submission you should have Sign live and 'test submissions and if you are sending you should have Submit live and test submissions or both if you can do both steps. (If any of these permissions are missing then you will need to speak to the sponsoring bank and get these added).

5. If all the above is ok check the SUN is linked to the card by click Service Users > View Service Users > Check to make sure the SUN is listed. (If any of these SUNS are missing then you will need to speak to the sponsoring bank and get these added)

Please be aware that if you are using 2 or more cards during the signing process make sure to do the above checks for both cards. If in doubt and your organisation has multiple smart cards, run these checks on all smart cards.

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