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Unable to find smart card - Card reader is flashing

In order to sign and send submissions, the machine must be able to communicate with the smart card. If the smart card reader is flashing you will need to correct this before continuing.

1. Rebooting the machine that the smart card reader is plugged into may often resolve this as it will restart all applications and services responsible for communicating with the card.

2. The second most common cause is if regtool is not running. This is the icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner. To ensure this has started correctly, please remove the card from the reader and go to 'Start' > 'All programs' > 'Gemalto' > 'Gemalto Toolbox' > and double click the regtool icon. Re-insert the card and wait 10 seconds. If the light stays solid you can continue to sign and send through your Bacs software. if you still have issues continue with the instructions in this article.

3. Re-register the smart card certificates. For help on doing this see article: How do I register my Smart Card certificates?

 If you are still experiencing issues please contact technical support for further assistance.

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