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How to setup User Roles and Permissions

User permissions are all managed via the Roles option under settings ..


Image 1

To Create a new Role click New Role

We must give the role a "short" name and description -when you allocate the role to the user it will be the short name you will see.


You must enable the Permissions for the module you are configuring -In this case Payments



There are 2 areas of permissions you will set in this screen -What actions the User can Perform and What profiles it has access to perform them on
There are then 2 further options available -standard permissions or advanced matrix permissions.
To start we will look at basic permissions to all Profiles


In this example we have allowed the user the ability to create payments, approve payments, view archived payments and report actions -note that we have not ticked the box that enables the user to approve their own files they uploaded.

We can further tailor this set of actions to one or more profiles


We are then further able to apply advanced matrix permissions to this role by clicking "Matrix Permissions"


We are then able to customise this role further, by adding or removing specific actions to and from specific profiles

Once finished we click Save Role

We are now able to allocate this role to a user from the Settings and Users screen




Multiple Approvers
The Approve module enables you to setup profile specific workflows that allow for multiple approvers per batch.
In terms of role -the user who will be a part of this multiple approval simply needs the "approve" action ticked against whichever profile this relates to.
To enable the system to require multiple approvers we must set that up against the Payment Profile itself.
Go to Settings > Payment Profiles and then select the specific Payment Profile



Select the amount of approvers you wish to have for this profile and click save


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