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How to setup and configure a MFA key-fob token

Within your pack you will find your new MFA key-fob token(s), which provides a one-time code to give you additional security when logging in to PT-X, alongside your username and password. 

To register a key-fob token to your PT-X users, please follow the steps below.

Enabling the MFA Tokens

  1. An administrator must log-in to PT-X and access the Settings tab, and select Users.
  2. Select the User that will use the Token, and access the "Two-step verification token"
    drop down box. As per below, select "Hardware" to begin the process of registering
    the key-fob token.
  3. Click Save changes. This process will need to be actioned on a per user basis.

Connect the Token to a User

When the user next logs in to PT-X, they will be brought to a screen prompting for a
serial number and verification number:

 Activating token

  1. In the serial number field, enter the 13 digit serial code that is on the back of the MFA key-fob device.
  2. Next, press the button on the device to generate a 6 digit code.
  3. Enter the code into the "verification code" box and then click the blue activate button.

This will complete the registration of the Token for this user. From now on, when logging
in to PT-X, this user will be asked for 6 digit code, to be generated from the key-fob token.

For more information and help with any issues please see our MFA F&Q page:

To order key-fob tokens, please contact us:
TEL: 0118 925 8250 and select option 1.

For technical assistance, please contact us:
TEL: 02034 297 314


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