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How to setup and configure your PT-X OTP Authenticator app

To utilise the PT-X OTP Authenticator app as part of Multifactor Authentication, the Bottomline app will need to be downloaded and installed on a Smartphone. The PT-X App provides a one-time code to give you additional security when logging in to PT-X, alongside your username and password. 

To configure the App please follow the steps below.

Please install the app first. The app name is PT-X and can be found in the Google Play Store or iOS Store (search for PTX Bottomline).

How to Install the PT-X App

  1. On your mobile device navigate to the Google Play Store (If using an android phone) or iOS Store (if using an Apple iPhone)
  2. Search the store for "PTX Bottomline"
  3. The App should come up in your list as "PT-X" created by "Bottomline Technologies"
  4. The logo will appear as follows:
  5. Select the App and click install
  6. Once installed you can open the App by clicking open or by navigating through your phone menu

N.B. Please make sure you have your time and date settings on your phone set to automatic.

Having issues finding the App?

Depending on the type of device you are using, email the following link to your mobile device and click on the link to open it:




Enabling the App per user

  1. An administrator must log-in to PT-X and access the Settings tab, and select Users.
  2. Select the User that will use the App to open the user settings page
  3. Click on the "Two-step verification token" drop down box and as per below, select "Mobile App".
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. In order to enable this change to the mobile App you will need to initiate a password reset by Selecting the "Password Reset option"
    NOTE: This process will need to be actioned on a per user basis.

Connect the App to a User

  1. Once the password reset has been clicked the user will receive a password reset email.
  2. The user will need to click on the password reset link and follow the on screen prompts to enter in a new password and new security questions.
  3. On the right hand side the below screen will be shown.
    • N.B .Please do not scan the bar code in this example, there will be one on the reset password email you are sent. 


On your mobile device open up the PT-X App and choose one of the 2 options:

Scan Barcode

If you are using the scan barcode option you will require the relevant barcode scanner App. If one is not installed you will be prompted to install one.

  1. Click Scan Barcode (Install App if prompted) 
  2. Point your mobile device camera at the Barcode on the screen until the phone lines up with the barcode
  3. Enter the 6 digit code that appears on your App into the relevant field on your password reset screen and click verify

Manual Entry

  1. Click Manual Entry on the App
  2. On the password reset screen, click the "Can't Scan the Barcode?" option
  3. On the App enter in account username (Usually email address) into "PT-X Account" field
  4. Enter Key displayed on the password reset screen into the app
  5. Click Add Account
  6. Enter the 6 digit code that appears on your App into the relevant field on your password reset screen and click verify


This will complete the registration of the App for this user. From now on, when logging
in to PT-X, this user will be asked for 6 digit code, to be generated from the App.



If using a HSM for submissions – on ‘Send’ the one-time password will need to be entered at this time.  However, please only use one code per entry (two entries required).

Each code is only valid for 30 seconds before resetting; if the code displays as red, best to wait until this has changed.

For more information and help with any issues please see our MFA F&Q page:

For technical assistance, please contact us:
TEL: 02034 297 314


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