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What kinds of Payment Fraud and Errors does PT-X Protect prevent?

Many types of fraud and error lead to unwelcome results.

PT-X Protect could have forewarned a user and provided real-time notification in the following instances:

- German Auto Manufacturer lost £6m when an employee paid 55 supplier payments into their own account over several years

- French Tyre Manufacturer paid a £1.6m fake transfer order

- International Charity collected 100 times the correct direct debit payment from 100,000 donors

- UK Parcel Delivery Courier paid duplicate redundancy payments totalling £300,000

- Serial fraudster stole £800,000 and £1m at two seperate companies over a 7-year period using fake invoices and diverting legitimate payments

- A Not for Profit Organisation lost equivalent of a year’s annual turnover through 71 fake invoice payments over three years

- Up to £147m is wasted each year by UK local authorities via duplicate payments

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