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What are the benefits of PT-X Protect?

PT-X Protect targets one-off and on-going fraud attempts.

It improves the chance of recovery through earlier detection of suspicious activity and enables:

- Reduced time to detection and easier identification of root causes

- Internal controls to be tightened to eliminate gaps in organisational processes

- Reputational risk with customers and suppliers to be minimised

- Cash flow issues to be avoided

As part of the PT-X® Payments and Business Solutions Suite, PT-X Protect helps to facilitate an organisation’s payments best practice. By focusing on proactive detection and prevention, payments can be analysed for indicators of potential fraud or errors. Alerting you to items most at risk allows payments to be investigated and held back for further validation before submission to the Bacs or Faster Payments networks.

PT-X Protect has powerful capabilities to ensure payments are genuine:

- Validating all first time payments to an account

- Detecting duplicate amounts or beneficiaries in a payment file

- Screening payments against a blacklist

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