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How do I change the 'Reference' field in PT-X DDM?

The reference on the contact screen is a system generated reference. This is not something that you can amend, as it is an internal reference, which links to that contact in the database.

The reference that you can use to search in the system, is the Mandate Reference, or the Alternative Reference. Both of these can be viewed by going to ‘Collections>Mandates’.

The Mandate Reference is what you setup for the customer with their bank, so that you can collect Direct Debits.

The Alternative Reference can be used as your own internal reference for the customer, which you can then search for on the PT-X software.

Mandates 1

These can be setup/amended on the following screen (Collections>Mandate>select the mandate):

mandates 2

If you need further assistance on this, please feel free to contact support on 0118 925 8250 who will be happy to help.

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