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How to install PT-X Drive v1.2.11

The latest version of PT-X drive is v1.2.11.  The installation files will be available to download from the PT-X site after you login.  Download and run the file named PTX-DriveSetup.msi.  This will extract the files ready for Drive to be setup.

If you do not see an option to download the files please contact Technical Support:

Telephone:      +44 (0) 118 925 8250.  Choose option 2 for Technical Support then select option 1 for PT-X



How to install and set up and setup PT-X drive.  Please note, this should be completed on the machine that is already running PT-X Drive

  1. Download the MSI file from the link provided to any location.
  2. Once PTX-DriveSetup.msi has been downloaded, double click the file to start the setup process.
    NB: Depending on your machine, you may get a security prompt before running.  You should <allow> or <run> this to continue setup.
  3. On the welcome screen, click <next>.
  4. The next screen will allow you to choose where the Drive program will be installed.  Choose the destination folder required (default will be C:\PT-X Drive\).
    NB: You must choose a different folder from the existing PT-X install folder in order not to overwrite the existing setup.
  5. Click <Next>.
  6. Click <Install>.  This will extract the files.
  7. On the final screen, you will be prompted for a login email and password.  These details will be for the PT-X account from which you wish to run the drive software
  8. Click <Next>  and then <Finish>
  9. Browse to the location of the installation files that you chose in step 4.
  10. Run the .bat file named 'bottomline-ptx-drive-windows-service.bat'.  This will launch a command prompt screen.
  11. Once the window has launched, it will run through the configuration necessary to enable Drive.  Default options are displayed in brackets.  Unless you wish to change these, click <enter> to continue. The only information you will need to enter is your PT-X account username and the password you want to use in order to run PT-X Drive.
  12. The first option is the URL '' which does need changing. Click <enter> to continue.
  13. Enter the email address of the PT-X user account for Drive.
  14. Enter the password for the PT-X user account for Drive.
  15. The archive folder for uploaded files may be changed if required.  Otherwise, click <enter> and Drive will use the default location.
  16. Logging may be left at INFO.  Click <enter> to continue.
  17. Drive polling may also be left as the default. Click <enter> to continue.
  18. Drive intervals may be left as the default.  Click <enter> to continue.
  19. This will complete the setup and start the PT-X Drive service.

For additional information on how to change the options in Drive, please follow the steps in this document  

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