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My Password is not being accepted and I don’t know why.

Please note: Password resets can be actioned by the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the main logon page or by the company system administrator.


Password Expiration:

PT-X is setup to expire all users password on 60 day intervals; this is a security feature for all system users and may not be altered.

Reminder notification of password expiration will be emailed 10 days before this happens.  Users should logon and amend the password at the earliest opportunity to prevent being locked out.


Incorrect Entries:

Passwords entered incorrectly more than 3 times, by default, will be locked out and require a full reset. 


Incorrect URL / Stored Passwords:

It is strongly recommended not to save passwords into any browser, for security purposes and to lock desktop machines when not in use.

The PT-X site can be saved as a book mark within the browser, but should be saved as   Accounts may end up being locked out if trying to log into the site using a bookmark from a previous password reset email.


PT-X Drive:

If using PT-X Drive and a password reset has just been completed, this would lock out immediately if the Drive Service has not been stopped.  The Service will be constantly using the old encrypted credentials to log into PT-X in the background.

To find out how to stop PT-X Drive Service running, to allow resetting the PT-X Password, please see the following link: How do I reset the password for the PT-X drive account?  This would need to be completed by the system administrator or internal IT team (where available).


If you require any assistance in doing this, then please contact Bottomline Customer Care on +44 (0)118 925 8250 or email

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