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What does each status mean in PT-X?

Within PT-X, there are several status's that can be displayed during your submission, below is a list of these status's and their meanings:


  • Draft this relates to both MDE and DDM.  Transactions will be combined into one batch; however, the batch can still be amended before approving for submission.
  • Entered Batch has been created, and can no longer be amended. You can now only approve or reject the batch.
  • Approved Batch has been approved and is now ready to be sent.
  • Rejected Batch has been rejected, and can no longer be sent. Reasons for a batch to be rejected would either be by the action of a user, PT-X Protect (if enabled) where the Risk assessment has been set to error the batch or an incorrectly formatted file has been uploaded.
  • Committed (Indirect Submitters Only) –A status to confirm the file is ready for Bottomline to send at the next possible sweep.
  • Sent File has been sent to BACS and cannot be recalled unless contacting the sponsoring bank before the processing day.
  • Archived File is removed from the ‘Card’ view on the main PT-X home screen and can only be seen on the ‘Grid’ view.
  • Import in Progress File is currently importing into PT-X, the system is still validating the transactions.
  • Locked (Indirect Submitters Only) This status only appears on batches when Bottomline are completing the sweep, and are preparing the batch for submission.
  • Rejected by BACS File has been sent to BACs, and their server has rejected the whole submission.
  • Risk Assessment -This message is a pass through status for batches where PT-X Protect has been enabled. 'Protect' scans payments for Risk and reports back.
  • Held for Escalation -This status means Bottomline have submitted a BACS/FPS file but had no response from the BACS Server.  This status is to prevent duplicates from being sent.

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