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When are the sweeps for PT-X indirect submissions?

  • PT-X Indirect BACS sweeps are made between 07:00 and 22:00 on the hour, every hour, Monday to Friday.
  • PT-X Indirect FPS sweeps are made on the hour, every hour, 24/7

Please Note: 

  • Only items in a ‘Committed’ state will be swept and submitted to BACS. 
  • All BACS submissions to be sent on a particular date, should be in a ‘Committed’ state before 22:00 to be included in the last sweep.  Any items that are ‘Committed’ after this window, will not be submitted until the next available working day.
  • If your submission was made just after a sweep, it will remain in a 'Committed' state until the next available sweep is made.  Once the sweep has been made it will change to a 'Sent' status.

**Please note that if you are using the Unity Trust branded version of PT-X, then the cutt off for sweeps is 4pm  

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