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What is the difference between a Direct and an Indirect submitter?

If you’re planning to use PT-X to submit to Bacs, you may have been asked whether you would like to become a direct or an indirect submitter, the differences for these 2 options are detailed below:

Direct Submitter

If you are a direct submitter, this means that you will have a Smart Card or HSM certificate from your bank which allows you to submit directly to Bacs when sending Payments or Direct Debits, each user with their own card has a PIN that needs to be entered to confirm you are sending the transaction.

For more information on HSM devices, please see related article: What is a HSM?

A few useful pieces of information to help you decide if this is the best option for you are detailed below:

- The bank will issue you with a piece of software called Gemalto to register your card and this will need to be installed on any PC that you intend to submit from.

- Your Smart Card will plug in to your PC using a USB card reader and this will need to be available when you intend to submit.

- Each user will need a separate Smart Card from the bank in order to submit.

- Secure PIN entry means that you are fully in control of how and when you submit to Bacs.

- If you have a HSM certificate, Smart Cards are not required but you will still have full control of your submissions to Bacs.

Indirect Submitter

If you are an indirect submitter, you will be linked to Bottomline by the bank so that we can submit transactions on your behalf without the need for Smart Cards. This gives you more flexibility to use multiple devices and set up extra users as and when you need them.

A few useful pieces of information to help you decide if this is the best option for you are detailed below:

- You can use multiple devices to use PT-X including Macs and tablets/smart phones.

- Submit anywhere – you can access PT-X anywhere without the need to install Gemalto for Smart Cards or carry your Card/ Reader with you.

- Unlimited users – you can set up as many users as you would like so PT-X can scale with your business, without having to wait for new Smart Cards from your bank.

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