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Unable to authenticate with the Bacs Payment Services Website.

If you are using a new Smart Card that has been issued by your sponsoring bank you may receive this error message when you enter your PIN for the first time in PT-X.

It may be that you haven’t registered your Smart Card in Gemalto, please see related article: How do I register the security certificates in Gemalto?

If you have followed the steps to register your Smart Card and you are still experiencing the same issue when trying to sign, there are some cases where your anti-virus software is stripping out one of your certificates in the Smart Card certificate chain. You can manually install the CA root certificates by following Step 2 on the article: How do I Install Gemalto and ensure my Smart Card is setup correctly for first time use?

Please Note: You may need to ask your IT department to configure your anti-virus software to exclude the Smart Card software and the ensuing certificates if you are unable to install these.

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