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How do I Install the Bottomline eSigner Plugin?

If you are using PT-X and are receiving the following message duringing the sign/send stage, please ensure that you follow the steps below to Install the Bottomline eSigner Plugin.

If you are unsure whether the plugin is installed or not please click on your username in the topright hand corner and choose "Test Smart Card"

 Install plugin Test Smart Card

1.Click the link to download the plugin.


2. C

lick o

n 'Save File'.


3. Browse to your downloads and click on 'BottomlineSCSigner.msi'


4. Select 'Run' and this will open the install wizard.


5. When the install wizard open, please click 'Next'.


6. The installation will now start. When this is complete select 'Finish'.


7. Once this is complete, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top right hand of the screen.


8. This will then take you to an options menu. Click on 'Add-ons' and then 'Plugins'.


9. In the list that appears, you should see 'Bottomline Smart-Card Signer'.


10. Please click on the 'Ask to Activate' button and set this to 'Always Activate'.

11. Go back to the menu by selecting the 3 horizontal bars in thew top right hand corner.

12. Select 'Options' from the menu.

13. Browse to the security tab.


14. Click on 'Exceptions' at the top under the 'General' section.

15. Type in the PT-X URL and click 'Allow'.


16. Click 'Close' when complete.

Please Note: Once you have checked these settings and completed the necessary installation of the software or plugins, log out of PT-X, clear the cache (Ctrl + F5), log back into PT-X, and try sending the submission.

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