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Unable to remove Bottomline Plugin pop up. What is preventing this?

Notice to Google Chrome browser users who also use Smart Cards for Payment file signing.

If you are unable to remove the following pop up message please use the instructions below to resolve this issue.


Please Note: If you do not use Google Chrome with PT-X you can disregard this message.

Following an update by Google of the Chrome browser to version 42 (this can happen without any warning or notification by Google) the Gemalto software used to communicate with the smart card has stopped working.  This is due to Google wanting to withdraw support for some technology called NPAPI in their browser.

If you use Google Chrome and have experienced this issue (being asked to download the signing plugin) then you have two options:

A. Use an alternative browser when you need to use your smart card (Internet explorer 9 and newer or Firefox).

B. You can update a flag in Google Chrome to continue to support NPAPI for a while longer (please see details at the end of this notice).

Eventually NPAPI will be removed from Chrome.  This is expected to be later in 2015; as such Bottomline are working on alternative mechanisms to allow full support within Google Chrome going forward.

This can be resolved by updating a chrome setting. 

1. Enter the following in the browser: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

2. This will take you to the flags page - once in this location, enable the NPAPI setting as below.

3. Re launch Chrome as prompted.


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