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How do I register the Security Certificates in Gemalto?

Once you have successfully installed the Gemalto software, insert your card back into the reader. Then:

- If you get a prompt from Microsoft Windows to install certificates, click ‘yes’ and they will automatically install. Once the process is complete, the light on your card reader will stop flashing and turn to solid green.

- If you are not prompted by Microsoft Windows to install the certificates, you will need to do this

1. Click the windows start button.
2. Select 'all programmes'.
3. 'Gemalto'
4. 'Classic Client toolbox'.
5. Click 'certificates'.


6. log into the Gemalto software using the pin number for your card.

Once you have logged in, the ‘Register All’ button will become active.

Press ‘Register all’ and you will then be informed that the certificates have been registered correctly. The light on the reader will now be solid green.

Please Note: In some cases, depending on the policies set by your I.T. department, you may need administrative rights to install the certificates. Your I.T. department will be able to assist you with this.

Please Note: Occasionally anti-virus software can cause certification issues. If, after your first PIN entry, you receive an error message informing you that the card is unable to authenticate with the Bacs Payment Services Website, then contact your I.T department for help and provide them with the following alert instruction.

I.T. Department Alert:
In some cases anti-virus software can strip out one of the certificates in the smart card certificate chain.
McAfee is the most common culprit for this. You can check the certificate chain in the 'Content' section of
Internet Options, or via the control panel in the Gemalto toolbox. There will be a chain of three certificates if they have installed correctly. If there are only two certificates present, then you need to check the user has the rights to install the certificates as they are installed on the C: drive or you will need to alter the settings on your anti-virus to exclude the smart card software and the ensuing certificates.

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