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Is my Smart Card working correctly?

Before considering your internet browser, you must ensure that your smart card is working correctly.
Firstly, check that your reader has a flashing green light when there is no card inserted. If it has then there
is power going to the reader.

Secondly, insert your card. The green light should now turn solid. If the light continues to flash, then the
card reading software (Gemalto) is not installed and/or the security certificates need registering.If you require assistance with this please see related article: How do I register the security certificates in Gemalto?

To check if you have the card reading (Gemalto) software installed:

1. Click the windows start button.
2. 'All programmes'.
3. 'Gemalto'.

If the Gemalto software does not appear in all programmes, then you will need to install it. You obtain this
software from your sponsoring bank and it is usually provided it to you via a download link in an email or as
a hard copy with your initial card delivery.

Please Note: You require version 4.1 (or later) of the software.

Installation instructions are provided with the software; it is a simple, click through process. However,
should you require guidence please contact Bottomline’s Technical Support team by dialling +44 (0) 870
081 8250, choose option 2 for Technical Support and then select the ‘Payments’ option.

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