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What user personas are necessary for PrecisionForms?

There are three core user function required for PrecisionForms, these could be carried out by any number of individuals:

  • Output- Administrator: The Output-Administrator will primarily use Transform AX Connector to configure PrecisionForms, and manage Output-User privileges and Output-Devices. They will also use Transform Synchroniser to move Output-Projects between Transform Designer and Transform Deployment Server which is used to manage test/production environments and manage system performance issues. This is usually a technical function.
  • Output-Designer: will use Transform Designer to set-up output content & layout and select available Output-Devices. This can be carried out either individually or collaboratively by technical staff, specialist design teams or individuals with specific organisational function knowledge.
  • Output-User: will process pre-defined batch or ad hoc reports from within Dynamics as required to create required output. This becomes a transparent Dynamics user function.
  • It is very important to recognise that these personas are not only in place to play to individual’s skills, it is an important measure to prevent accidental or malicious data loss, damage or leakage.

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