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How can I upload a file to Datagenie?

1. If uploading a file, you will need to import a .CSV file generated from the XLS file previously provided by Bottomline.

2. Browse in PDS and pick up the created CSV file and then select 'Upload' - The software requests confirmation that you want to upload this.

3. Once a file has been uploaded, this will then be moved to the outbox.

Please Note: Datagenie polls files every five minutes.

To view uploaded files – on the left, under Datagenie select 'View Files'.

You can select the date or the status of a file.

- Uploaded – Shows your files that have been uploaded in the past 5 minutes.

- Processed – Shows you polled/successful files that have been uploaded – Files would now be in the outbox for submission. The same will be for the Letters out tray where mailings would be generated.

If a file has been rejected, the customer can click 'View report' and this shows the reason behind the rejection.

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