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Bacway V3 - How to install new licence key

The following guide with run through the process for checking the installation code and installing the new licence key

If your licence has expired please contact Bacway Technical Support on 0845 370 7036 (option 1) who will email you the following licence information:

Licence Key: The new licence that will need to be inserted into your software
Installation Code:
This code is unique to your installation and will already be in your software. If this does not match, the licence key will not work and a new licence key will need to be issued.
The version of software you are licensed for


To check your Installation code do the following:

  1. Log into the BACWAY software as an administrator.

NOTE: If the license has expired, the software will take you to the generate installation code screen. If you have the code skip to Step 3

  1. Once logged in as an Administrator, choose Configuration License

NOTE: If the Administrator account details are unknown please follow the below:

  1. Log into the software as a standard user and choose Config View è
  2. Locate the user Admin, then right Click on Admin and choose Change Password.

NOTE: If the Admin is locked because of excessive login attempt, Support will need to WebEx on to the system to reset the password

  1. Once completed log back into the software as the Admin account.
  2. The installation code should then be emailed to:
  3. Compare this to the key sent by Bottomline:
    A. If this is correct continue following this document
    B. If the installation code is different please contact Bacway Technical Support on 0845 370 7036 (option 1) who will issue you with a new licence key.

To install your new licence code do the following:

  1. Log into the Bacway software as Admin:
    1. The software will take you to the screen seen earlier and apply the new license.
    2. Choose Configuration > License to apply the new license key.
  2. Launch the application as normal.

If you require any further assistance please contact Bacway Technical Support on 0845 370 7036 (option 2). Please provide them with the steps you have taken, the installation code and any information you have found.


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