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How to change where Bacway V4 collects Automatic updates


  1. On the Bacway machine, open up the Bacway admin tool.
    This can be done by:
         - Searching for Bacway Admin Tool via the start bar.
         - Browsing to the install directory and launching BacwayAdminTool.exe
            (Default directory is C:\Program Files\Microgen\Bacway)
  2. After launching the admin tool you will be presented with the following message:
  3. Click Yes and the admin tool will load.
  4. Click General Settings
  5. Under the section Data Update Settings locate the Download URL
  6. Remove the current URL and replace with:
    NOTE: Please ensure no spaces are copied before of after the above URL
  7. Click Apply General Settings Changes
  8. Click Exit, when presented with the following message to start the service click yes:

If you require any further assistance please contact Technical Support on 0845 370 7036. Please provide them with the steps you have taken and any information you have found.

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