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How do I setup and install Verify Socket Server service on 64bit OS?

1.     Adjust the file paths in the 'verify.conf' file to point to the correct location.

2.     Copy the following files to the 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64' folder:

          - verify.conf
          - verifyd.exe
          - valsrt32.dll

3.     Run the following commands from command prompt.

Please Note: that the command prompt screen needs to be run as administrator)

         cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Albany\ALBANYverify\API\"       

         verifyd -i  

         verifyd -s

The above commands will install the Socket Server service and start it. 

The service will be set up to run as 'Local System' and if you require this to run as a specific user you will need to change the settings for the service.

Please Note: It is recommended to install eVERIFY to a folder located in the root of C:\ instead of in Program Files. This is due to permissions in Windows that cause issues when eVERIFY tries to write to the Program FIles folder.

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