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How do I restore eCollect from a back up?

First stop the service for eCollect.
1. Press and hold the Windows key and 'R' on your keyboard.
2. This will bring up a 'Run box'.
3. Type in services.msc
4. Look for a service called Albany eCollect scheduler service or eCollect scheduler service
5. Stop this service
Once the service has been stopped you can now restore your database.
6. Open my computer and browse to the installation directory for eCollect, by default this will be:
7. Look for a file called a file called 'albDBRestore.exe'.
8. Open this and log into the software as the manager.
9. Click on the 'Restore' button
10. Browse to your eCollect backup and click on 'Open'.
11. Then click on 'Restore', this can take some time depending on the size of the database.
12. Once you have a success message you can then start the service 'Albany eCollect scheduler' service or 'eCollect scheduler'.

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