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eCollect v5 - How to update the ISCD database (Sort codes and Account numbers)



  1. Browse to the link received in the email (
  2. Select the option for ‘DD Expert all versions’
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. You should have two zip files ( and
    NOTE: The file is not required for eCollect v5, only the file.
  5. Extract the files located in the zip file named ‘’
  6. Enter the password provided on the email to extract the files
  7. You should now have two files extracted from the ‘’ folder (addrlook.dat and valac.dat)
  8. Copy these two files, and paste them into the ‘Data’ folder in the eCollect install directory.
    (Default directory is: C:\Bottomline Technologies\eCOLLECT\Data)

For additional assistance please contact Bottomline support on Tel: +44 (0)118 925 8250 (option 2)

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