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How to change the Destination Statement Text in ePay

The Destination Statement Text is the wording that appears on the Destination Account bank statement, the person you are either crediting or debiting money from.

The Destination Statement Text is determined by that is in the Originating Bank Account field.

In ePay this can be picked up from within the ePay software or from the data file being uploaded.

How to check where ePay is picking the originating account information from:

  1. Log into ePay
    NOTE: You will need to have the appropriate admin rights to see the below options. If you cannot see any of the below you will need to log in with a user that has those rights such as the ePay Administrator.
  2. Browse to Administration > Payment Profiles > Select the Payment Profile 
  3. Under the processing rules tab browse to the Originating Account Used
    a. If set to "From Source Data" this means the information is being picked up from the data file
    b. If set to a name this means it is configured in ePay

If information being picked up from the data file:

The Originating Account Name will need to be changed in your system that produces the data file

If information being picked up from within ePay:

This can be changed by following the steps below:

  1. Browse to Administration > Originating Accounts
  2. Select the Originating Account as specified in step 3 above
  3. Change the Originating Account Name as required

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