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How do I change the Faster Payments limits in ePay?

Recently Bacs have increased the faster payments limit to £250,000. Within ePay to change the Faster payments limit you will need to do the following

Please Note: The default it is set to £100,000.

1. On the ePay server browse to the installation directory (Default 1.0-1.8 C:\Program Files (x86)\Albany\ePAY Server or 2.0 + C:\Program Files (x86)\Bottomline Technologies\ePAY Server).

2. Locate the config file named 'Albany.EFT.Corporate.Service.exe.config' and take a backup.

3. Click 'Edit' > 'Find' and search for 'Faster Payments' to locate the Item  <!-- Faster Payments maximum limit amount -->

4. Below this you will see key  <add key="FPSmaxLimitAmount" value="10000000" /> , to amend the value change '10000000' to '25000000'.

5. Click 'Save'.

6. You will then need to go into windows services. ('Start' > type 'Services' > Click 'Services' program with symbol of 2 cogs). Please stop the ePay service wait 10 seconds and the right click and start again.

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