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How do I schedule bank holiday updates?

1. Log into ePay as an administrator or another user with access to 'System Setup'.

2. Click 'System Setup' on the left hand side and then click 'Non Processing Days'.

Please Note: If you are unable to see the system setup option you will not have sufficient permissions. A user with an administrator account will be required.

3. Click 'Schedule'.

4. Choose how often you wish for it to automatically refresh (we recommend 28 days).

5. Ensure that in the top right 'Active' is selected and not 'On Hold'.

6. Click 'OK'.

If you receive the error task failed or encounter any other issues please contact Bottomline technical support on Tel: 0870 081 8250 (option 2) and provide details of the steps you have taken. To help us diagnose your issues please provide us with a copy of the ePay logs. For help locating these please see article: Where can I find my ePay log files?

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