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How can I setup archive folders in ePay?

1. Log into ePay (This can be done as an administrator or user with access to change payment profiles).

2. Browse to 'Administration' > 'Payment profiles' > Select the profile you wish to setup archiving for.

3. Choose the 'Processing Rules' tab at the bottom of the screen.

4. Scroll down and highlight 'Archive location'.

5. Click the box with the 3 dots that has appeared on the end of the line.

6. Tick use archiving and choose the button with 3 dots to browse to where you would like the files to be archived. Your IT may have to set this folder up.

Please Note: The folder path you use must be accessed by the ePay service account, if you get any errors such as access denied, you will need to make sure the service account has read and write access to this folder. For assistance please see article: How can I find the account being used to run the ePay service (ePay service user account)?

7. Once the folder has been selected click 'OK' and then 'OK' again. You can then click the floppy disk symbol to save at the top of the screen to save.

8. You will then need to setup archiving for voided files which can be done by scrolling down and selecting Archiving for voided files and repeating steps 6 and 7.

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