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The bank account validation database is out of date.


If you see this message when sending submissions, this indicates the database within epay that veritys the sort codes and account numbers is over a month out of date. Each month Bottomline will make any new sort codes and account numbers available to download so that any checks are as accurate as possible. These are provided by Bacs.

Please Note: This will not affect the submission being processed providing the details are correct. Any warnings should always be verified to minimise the risk of a submission not being processed.

This database can be updated manually or automatically. To run this manually and to set this up to run automatically please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into ePay as a user with permissions to the 'System Setup' menu.

Please Note: An administrator will have this by default.

2. Browse to 'System Setup' > 'System Maintenance'.

3. Highlight the 'Bank Account validation' task.

4. To run manually click 'Update Now', click 'OK' and then click the 'Refresh' button at the top. Monitor the last status field. This will go to started and then completed.

If the task fails, the status will change to 'task failed'. In this instance please see article: I have tried to run the bank account validation updates, but it is saying task failed.

5. Once this runs successfully you can configure the schedule by clicking 'Schedule' under the update now button and make sure the schedule is active (top right). Please ensure that the time of the task runs between 09:00 and 17:00. If you find the automatic task does not work try changing the scheduled times to 10:05, 09:15, 09:05

If you are still experiencing problems please contact our support desk on 0118 925 8250 and choosing option 3 for Technical Support.

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