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How do I check the Bacstel-IP Submission Report in ePay?

For more information on the Bacstel-IP submission report please see article: What is the Bacstel-IP submission summary report?

Within ePay you can check for this report in multiple ways:

1. At the end of the submission, before you click 'Finish' you will be able to view all reports generated during this submission including the Bacstel-IP submission report. To view the reports select 'Reports' and double click a report to open.

2. If you have clicked 'Finish' on the submission window, you can view all reports in the 'Reports' section. Select 'Reports' and then 'Submission reports'. This will show a list of all of your submissions. Select the submission you wish to check and expand by clicking the cross. You can then open any report by double clicking to 'Open'.

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