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How to add a new SUN and assign to payment profile in ePay?

1. Log into a ePay as an administrator or a user with access to the administration settings.

2. Click on 'Administration' > 'Bacs SUN information'.

3. Click on the 'New' icon (paper with a folded corner) and enter in the 'Service User Number' and a description.

4. Click 'Save'.

You will then need to assign this to a payment profile to use this SUN.

5. Browse to 'Administration' > 'Payment Profiles' > Select the profile you wish to assign > 'Processing rules' > Select and highlight 'Service user number > Choose new SUN from drop down menu > Click 'Save'.

Please Note: In order to get your new sun set to a 'Live' status your bank may require you to complete a series of testing known as a 'service qualification plan'. For assistance, please see related article: How do I perform service qualification testing in ePay?

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