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Why is my Payment Profile screen blank?

If most payment profiles are visible but you are unable to see some of the profiles, this is likely to be a permissions issue. Please see related article: Why am I unable to see selected Payment Profiles?

However, if the payment profile screen is completely blank, please see below for our temporary and permanent solutions:

Temporary solution:
If the user has multiple payment profiles, you can reduce the load by removing permissions for all profiles except the one you want to process. If you wish to do this, please follow the instructions below:

Go to 'Administration' > 'Permissions' > Select the user you wish to amend > Expand 'Direct Submissions' > Un-tick the 'validate' permissions for all profiles that are NOT required for the submission.

Permanent resolution:

We recommend that this is done by somebody in your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

When ePay calls up the information displayed in 'Payments' > 'New'. Due to resources on the server or a large amount of data in the database, the system may timeout when loading this information.

In order to resolve, there are 3 options:

A. Increasing the resources on the server. If the server is running at full capacity when loading the information, you can try increasing processor or memory resources.

B. Upgrade to the latest version of ePay. This can handle larger volumes of data.

C. Remove historic data from the database. This will reduce the table size as well as the amount of information the server has to process. To do this please follow the instructions below:

1. Stop the 'Albany ePay' service.

Please Note: If you are using ePay 2.0, this will be the 'Bottomline ePay' Service.

2. Take a backup of the current database in case this data is needed at a later date.

3. A script will then need to run, please contact support by dialling 0118 925 8250 and option 3 for Technical Support and provide the steps you have taken so far.

4. Start the 'Albany ePay' or 'Bottomline ePay' service.

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