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Unable to validate - Validation getting stuck at 0%

If you are trying to validate a file and it gets stuck at 0%, this is usually because the source file no longer matches the file format setup in ePay.

It is important to make sure nothing has changed in the way you generate the file, as this may alter the file format. In order to check the file format you will need to open the input file and compare this to the file format in ePay. Please see article: How do I compare the file format ePay is using against the input file?

If you have checked the file and you are happy it is correct, but validation is still getting stuck at 0%. Please check that the account running ePay has permissions to create an in progress folder. See article: Unable to Validate - Error: unable to copy to working folder

Once you have confirmed the above is correct, please try restarting the ePay service.

1. Log on to the server or machine where the ePay server instance is installed.

2. Open 'run' or 'search' program and files.

3. Type in 'services.msc'.

4. Search for the service 'Albany ePay'.

Please Note: If you are using ePay 2.0, the service will be called 'Bottomline ePay'.

5. Right click the service and click 'Stop'. Wait 10 seconds, then right click and start the service.

6. Process the submission from scratch.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact our technical support team, detailing the steps you have taken so far.

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