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Unable to Authorise/Sign - Error: Please insert smart card

After validating your submission, the authorise/sign step is the first pin entry where the software communicates with the smart card. During this step if you receive the error below please follow these instructions:

'Please insert the smart card' that has the following details:

Subject: [User who the card is issued to]

Issues By: [The bank who issued the card]

Expires On: [Card expiry date]

This is caused by 1 of 2 reasons:

1. ePay is looking for the wrong smart card:

Example: You have changed Smart Cards and ePay is still looking for the old card.

Check that the correct Smart Card is in the reader. Ensure the details given in the error above match the Smart Card that is in your card reader. If these details do not match or you are unsure please follow the article: How can I link a new or existing smart card certificate in ePay?

Please Note: Re-linking your smart card following the steps in the article above will not cause any issues even if your card has already been setup. Once this has been done go back into 'Pending' and try authorising/signing the submission.

2. The computer is unable to talk to the smart card:

In order to sign and send submissions the machine must be able to communicate with the Smart Card. If the Smart Card reader is flashing you will need to correct this before continuing.

For assistance with this issue please see related article: Unable to find smart card - Card reader is flashing.

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