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Unable to display menus and screens correctly

If you are experiencing issues with viewing menus in ePay such as the reports windows not filling the screen, this may be because of your view settings.

ePay is designed to work only in 100% modes for text size and DPI settings. To check and amend these please follow the instructions below:

1. Right click the desktop and choose 'Personalize'.

2. Select 'Display' on the left hand side and make sure the screen size is set to 'Smaller - 100% (default)'.

3. To change this please click the radio button next to 'Smaller - 100% (default)' and click 'Apply'.

4. To check and change the DPI settings, please select 'Set custom  text size (DPI)' from the left hand menu.

5. Ensure that the DPI is set to '100%'. If this needs to be changed select '100%' from the drop down menu and click 'OK'.

6. If you have had to make any changes reboot the machine and start ePay.

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