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How do I send a submission from my ePay software?

1. Log into the software as a user.

2. Click on 'Payments' and select 'New'.

3. Select the payment profile you wish to submit with.

4. Double click on the payment profile and choose your payment date.

Please Note: You can forward pay up to 31 days in advance.

5. Once the payment has been validated you will be able to download the reports that the software produces. You will also see how many credit/debits you have in your file.

6. Once happy with everything you can click 'Confirm', this will not ask you for a PIN number.

7. Then click 'Authorise'.

8. It will then prompt you for your PIN number.

The next stage is to send the submission:

9. Click 'Send', the software will again ask for your PIN.

10. Once the software has finished sending you will be able to view your reports. Look for the 'Bacstel Input' report, this will confirm that Bacs have received your submission.

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