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How can I change the SMTP server for email delivery in ePay?

We recommend that this is done by somebody in your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

To change the SMTP server for email delivery, follow the instructions below:

1. On the ePay server browse to the installation directory. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Albany\ePay Server

Please Note: If you are using ePay 2.0, the default location would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bottomline Technologies\ePay Server.

2. Take a backup of the config file 'Albany.Eft.Corporate.service.exe.config'.

3. Edit the config file 'Albany.Eft.Corporate.service.exe.config' as follows:

a. Click 'Edit' > Find (Ctrl + f) > type: 'SMTP' and search.

b. This will take you to the following string:


c. Edit the 'SMTP Client Name' to reflect your mail server.

d. Edit the 'From Address' to reflect the email address you would like ePay to use.

4. Save the config file.

5. Right click the ePay service and click 'Stop'.

6. Wait 10 seconds. Right click the service and click 'Start'.

7. Test using normal report delivery methods.

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