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How do I perform service qualification testing in ePay?

Once your bank setup a new Service User Number, they require you to complete a Service Qualification Plan. This involves using your Bacs software to submit test submissions and download associated reports. Once this is complete the bank will then activate this SUN, enabling you to submit live Bacs payments.

Sometimes the bank will require you to send additional data as part of their qualification plan. This may include number of records and types of submissions. Your sponsoring bank will be able to confirm any additional steps they require.

Once you have your data, this will need to be placed into the import folder for you profile. For assistance with this please see article: How can I find where ePay is importing the input file from? Once this is complete, please follow the instructions below:


Firstly, to send a full test submission:

1. Set the profile to 'Full Test' by browsing  to 'Administration' > 'Payment profile' > Select the profile you wish to set to 'Full Test' > Choose 'Processing Rules' tab > Change submission type to 'Full Test'.

2. Process the submission as normal by going to 'Payments' > 'New'. Then run the profile as normal from start to finish.

Please Note: Make sure that the submission type is set to 'Full Test' as you navigate the process. This information will be displayed at the top of the screen.


You will then need to download the test reports generated from the submission, please follow these steps:

1. Go to 'Reports' > 'Submission reports' > Click the Green arrow to download reports.

2. In the report retrieval wizard select 'Retrieve a filtered list'. Choose the new SUN from the drop down menu. Select all report types by highlighting the top record, hold shift and then select the bottom record. Then tick 'Include generic test reports' and click 'Next'.

3. Enter in the Pin and then click 'Next' and 'Finish'


You will need to confirm with you sponsoring bank once the process is completed and that you are ready to submit as live. Once ready, change the profile back to 'Live' by the following these steps:

1. Browse to 'Administration' > 'Payment profile' > Select the profile you wish to change

2. Click on the 'Processing Rules' tab  > Change submission type to 'Live'.

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