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How can I print more than 10 pages of my reports?

Within the ePay client when you open a report and only 10 pages are shown. This is to reduce the load on the software. If you would like to view or print more than 10 pages you will need to do the following:

1. Open the report within ePay. There are 2 ways to open the report:

A.After the submission has been validated. Choose reports > Select the report you wish to view.

B. The second way is by browsing to 'Reports' > 'Submission reports' > Expand the submission that you wish to review the report for > Double click the report.

2. Once you have opened the report, the number of viewable pages is represented in the tool bar at the top of the report. When you first go into the report it is presented as 1\10.

3. You will need edit this to suit the number of reports that you require. For example, if you had 30 pages upon login this will display as 1\30. To print 30 pages change the '1' to '30' to show 30/30 and click enter.

4. Once you click enter a message will appear: 'This page has not loaded yet. Do you wish to wait whilst the document is loaded?' Click 'Yes', the rest of the report will now load. Once this has completed you will be able to print of all pages of the report as normal.

Please Note: When printing the report make sure the page selection is set to 'all pages'.

If your report is greater than 100 pages and you require ePay to generate over 100 pages. Please see related article: How can I generate more than 100 pages of my reports?

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