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How do I import a new license file into my ePay software?

We recommend that this is done by somebody in your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

1. Login to the ePay server. For help finding the server please see related article: How can I locate my ePay Server?

2. Stop the 'Bottomline ePay' service. Browse to: 'Start' > 'Services' > 'Bottomline ePay' > Right click > 'Stop'

3. Browse to the ePay server installation directory, default is: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\BottomlineTechnologies\ePayServer 

4. Within the installation directory locate the following file: 'licence-corporate.xml'

5. Re-name the file to 'licence-corporate.xml.old'

6. Copy across your new licence file to the ePay server folder and rename it as 'licence-corporate.xml'

7. Start the ePay service.
NOTE: If the service fails to start make sure the licence file name is "licence-corporate.xml" as without this extact file name thed service will fail to start.


Once the licence file is applied, make sure you are able to do the following without issue:

  • All users are able to log into the software
  • Users are still able to send submissions
  • New functionality gained by the licence is working as expected

If you experience any issues or need help with the above, please contact technical support on 01189 258 250.

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