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How can I link a new or existing HSM certificate in ePay?

When adding HSM certificates in ePay, follow the instructions below:

1. Log into ePay as the user to which you wish to assign the certificates. Browse to 'Administration' > 'Bacs User Certificates'.

Please Note: If you do not have permissions to see 'Bacs User Certificates' you must log into ePay as an administrator.

2. Under 'Bacs User Certificates' locate any existing records for the user and service user number (SUN) in question and then delete the entry.

3. Click 'New' in the top left corner and under the details tab choose the 'user' and the 'service user number' to which you wish to link the new certificate.

4. Choose 'Select certificate' and then 'HSM Certificates'.

5. Enter the 'Logon', 'Pin' and 'Slot ID' details and click 'Find'.

Please Note: These details will be held by somebody in your organisation. If you no longer know these details please contact Bottomline support.

6.  Select the certificate in the certificates window and click 'OK' and then 'Save'.

7. If the user’s card is linked to multiple Bacs SUNs then you have to repeat steps 2-6 for each SUN.

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