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Unable To Validate – File cannot be imported.

If you receive an error importing a input file then you will need to check:

  • Your input file is in the correct folder path
  • Your input file has the correct file name
  • The ePay service account has full access to this directory
  • The file is in the correct format for ePay to process.

It is also important to remember that ePay is a server based program and uses a service account to communicate between the application and the network. Everything done within the ePay client is run through the service on the ePay server, and linked to that service is a windows account. For more information on this please see article: How can I change my service user account in ePay?

This will mean that just because your users can browse and see the file, it does not mean the ePay software will.

To check the above points do the following:

1. Log into ePay

2. Browse to administration > Payment profiles and highlight the profile you are trying to process. 

NOTE: If you are unable to see any of the above options you may not have the right privileges. You will need to log in as an administrator or a user with the appropriate rights

3. Select the processing rules tab

4. Scroll down and highlight “Input file name and location”

5. A button with 3 dots will appear at the end of the line, click this button

6. Confirm the folder path is correct

7. Once you are happy the above is correct in ePay click the button with the 3 dots on the folder path. This will check ePay can see the folder path.

NOTE: If you receive an error such as network path unavailable or Bad username or password the issue will be because the ePay service account does not have access or the account has expired.

8. For assistance in fixing this please see article: How can I find the account being used to run the ePay service (ePay service user account)?

9. Once you can browse to the above file location without issue you will need to check the file name is correct. In ePay you can specify the file name in 2 ways:

A) File name - When ePay looks to process a file it will only look for files with those specific names. EG: if it was set to bacs.csv' or 'bacs.txt' ePay will not import a file called payroll.csv or bacs.csv.
B) Wildcard - This option will mean ePay will look for files that match a certain criteria. The * means anything. EG: If you had the wildcard *.CSV. ePay would look for anything which ended with .CSV files. A file named BACS.CSV or Filename1234.CSV would work. Likewise If you set your wildcard to *.* then ePay will import any file that is  in that location, no matter its name or file handle.

10. Depending on the option used above confirm the file name in ePay does match what is in the folder location. NOTE: If you are unsure on how to check this your IT will be able to assist.

11. To check the file is located in the correct folder and to see what ePay can see click on the button with 3 dots next to the file name. If you are using a wildcard this will be greyed out but you can temporarily choose file name to illuminate this button but once finished click cancel to revert the changes.

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