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Unable to send - Error T800

If you attempted and failed to send a submission to Bacs receiving error: 'Transport Response Code T800' this is a Smart Card issue. In particular this is referring to the Smart Card that has been used to sign the submission.

Please Note: If you use two Smart Cards to submit please run through the following checks on each card, starting with the card used to sign the submission. If you only use one, please complete the following checks on your Smart Card and start the submission from scratch.

1. Ensure the correct smart card is in your card reader.

2. Log onto the Bacs Payment Services website (

3. When prompted please enter your pin to sign into this website. This is the same pin you would use if you were submitting a payment.

Please Note: If you get any errors logging in at this stage you will need to contact the Bacs department of your sponsoring bank to make sure the card is activated and setup correctly.

4. If you are able to login successfully you can check the cards permissions from the left hand menu. Click 'My Details' and then scroll down to view 'Bacs 3 day licence privileges'.

5. You will need to ascertain if 'Submit and enquire on Live and test Submissions' is included depending on the function you are doing.

Please Note: If you sign you must have the 'Sign live and test submissions' permission listed. If you are sending you must have the 'Submit and enquire on test submission' permission listed. If not you will need to contact the Bacs department of your sponsoring bank.

6. If all the permissions are correct on the Bacs Payment Services website you can also check all the relevant Service User Numbers (SUN’s) are linked. To do this choose 'Service Users' > view service users and review the list. If any SUN’s are not listed on this page you will need to contact the Bacs department of your sponsoring bank to get these added.

7.Once you have logged into the Bacs Payment Services website and ensured you are using the correct Smart Card, with the associated permissions and SUNS please return to your ePay software. Retry the submission from new it is important that you do not attempt to resend a failed submission.

Please Note: It is essential that you check both cards within the submission process. If the first card is new and is not activated or has incorrect permissions, then the T800 error will only appear at the final part of the process.

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